10 things I’ve learned about myself, people & life before turning 50. Why am I creating this list? Well, I turn 50 this year and I will admit that I was feeling a little apprehensive about it, feeling a bit old and like I am irrelevant. But I think byContinue Reading

https://open.spotify.com/embed-podcast/episode/2vO42jmcUmtzSgUBiNECpg In honor of Women’s History Month, we are proud to have our first all-ladies episode. Join Mignon, Krystal, and Tiffany as they talk about technology they use personally, smart home tech, and the struggles with online schooling. Twitter: @theblacktechies FB: http://www.fb.com/theblacktechiespodcast via Episode 49: Ladies Talk Tech — /theblacktechies/Continue Reading

I just spoke with a woman who wonders how she will handle her future married status’ name change. Where did this idea come from and why should it be such a big deal? It began to surface in English common law in the ninth century. That’s when lawmakers began toContinue Reading