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Divorce on the Rise as Couples Are Forced To Spend Time Together in Isolation — Palumbo Law Group

  Some couples are finding out that they don’t like each other’s constant company in quarantine as much as they’d hoped. Business is

Business & Finance

And the REAL Small Business Owner Gets Crushed Again…

We just finished reading the Washington Post piece “Overwhelmed by demand, emergency disaster lending program for small businesses slashes its loan cap, people familiar with matter say”. We included a link to their article at the end for extended reading. Let’s put things in perspective. In the US, any business

Music & Entertainment

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Health & Fitness

Household chores, sex and even video games: The indoor activities that burn the most calories in 30 minutes – and the ones that are a waste of time — Palumbo Law Group

Dancing video games are the best way to burn kilojoules while in quarantine  Other options include repairing parts of your

Reduce Stress and Reduce Neck and Back Pain El Paso, TX.

Reduce stress, reduce pain. Life creates stress, and while some stress can be good, too much causes health problems. Everyone

American Red Cross seeks public’s help for blood donations — 8News

BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) – The American Red Cross is asking for healthy donors to give blood or platelets to make



wom·en /ˈwimin/: plural form of woman.

an adult human female.


men /men/: plural form of man.

an adult human male.


trav·el /ˈtravəl/

make a journey, typically of some length or abroad.

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