AFA Awareness Campaign: “Nadie sale campeón solo”

The Argentine Football Association (Spanish: Asociación del Fútbol Argentino, AFA) released a great video to promote Coronavirus awareness in Argentina. Sometimes sports can convey a message better than any government agency.

Granted that national soccer associations around the world usually make headlines around controversy, but this time was different, at least for AFA.

In the video, they linked Argentina’s most regarded cultural value, Argentine’s most unifying event and society’s most imminent threat: Soccer, World Cup and COVID-19. And they did it without mentioning the virus by name, not even once.

AFA simply made Coronavirus the rival to beat at the finals and explained how it can be defeated they all unify and work as a team just like players do for the World Cup final. From all the responsible preventive measures that individuals need to take, to thanking essential personnel for continue to work, to empathizing with Italy and Spain, the motherlands, absolutely everything is explained in soccer slang.

AFA also shot straight to the hearts of all Argentinians by reminding them what’s at stake: Family and Friends.

This analogy can really talk to people in Argentina. With so much news expanding on the virus, so many unanswered questions and a death toll that does not seem to flatten, it’s almost human nature to block and push back on it. But it’s certainly not the time to say ignorance is bliss. As AFA said, it’s game time.

Influencers are probably the most powerful weapon we have to fight this pandemic. From soccer to fashion, they not only have the longest and widest reach, they talk the language their audience wants to hear.

Well done AFA.

If you know of other associations or influencers doing the same around the world, share with us. We’ll be happy to post.