Day Seven – Exhaustion… — Mumlings

CONTENT WARNING – I won’t call it foul language. It’s relevant language that makes me feel better!

Today i have nothing left in me. There’s not a single thought in my head that doesn’t seem to hurt.

The kids did really well with their home schooling today.

I went outside this morning for the first time in over a week. I woke up and decided that i couldn’t stand to be inside again. The morning was glorious and i spent ten minutes watching the frost on the grass melt as the sun rose higher above the trees, listening to the cacophony of birds in their morning chorus, smelling the scent of the Earth and my heart’s home as it wrapped itself around me in a cocoon of peace and soothing calm.

The rest of the day has taught me that if i have to stay trapped in this house with my husband for one more day, i might actually kill him. He can’t enter a room without upsetting someone at the moment! And, i get it! He’s like a caged lion and being inside makes his restless, anxious and frustrated… But he needs to bloody remember that he’s an adult and that the children in this house come before him and his selfish impulses to constantly be a fucking twat!

That’s all for today.


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