Eggciting Easter Craft Ideas For Kids To Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus got you on lock down? Read more for simple and fun Easter craft ideas for kids to do while you’re stuck at home to keep you all from going hopping mad. Create DIY Easter Egg hunts, Easter baskets, your own Easter hat parade and more!

With the ever-spreading Coronavirus outbreak that has the whole world under lockdown, our fun Easter crafts for kids are a great way to keep you all from going hopping mad. We’ve got a bunch of great Easter craft ideas that will have you set for Easter celebrations regardless of what Easter events the Coronavirus affects in April.

  1. Easter bonnets and hats. Even if school has been cancelled in April, you can still hold your very own Easter hat parade right at home. Shop our Easter craft range including felt, foam, mini Easter Eggs, Easter grass and more so your kids can create a range of their very own Easter bonnets. Then, why not have them parade them down the hallway like they’re on a runway? You can wait at the end of the runway for your child and snap a pic of them in their various Easter hats as they strike a pose.
    Table full of Easter bonnets and Easter hats for an Easter hat parade.
    Image Source: Caldmore
  2. Toilet roll bunnies. Since you’ve probably got a heap of empty toilet rolls, why not use them for craft supplies and turn them into little Easter bunnies? Grab some felt or use card or paper to cut out bunny ear shapes and feet to stick onto the roll, then draw or paint your own funny bunny faces on. Even add a small pom pom for a tail if you like! A simple but fun craft activity and can be used to make Easter chicks too, just use feathers instead.
    Two white toilet roll Easter bunnies and two yellow toilet roll Easter chicks
    Image Source: Powerful Mothering
  3. Easter Egg Hunt. Get the kids to design their own Easter Egg hunt so they can get some practice in before the real Easter bunny comes by on Easter. They can draw up their own map of the backyard or home and design their own clues (riddles or drawings). If they’ve got siblings, they can design hunts for each other. This is great to help maintain cognitive and logic skills, as well as their creativity!
  4. Easter Basket ideas. Get the kids to decorate their own Easter baskets so they’re ready for the big Easter Egg hunt! We have everything you need for this fun Easter craft idea including various baskets, foam and felt, Easter grass, chenille chicks, fillable eggs and much, much more. The kids will have a blast creating these and can proudly show them off while they hunt for the Easter Bunny’s eggs.
  5. Easter egg decorating. Get the kids to paint and decorate their own Easter eggs. They can use hard boiled eggs or even use our Paper Mache craft eggs and Polyfoam eggs and any selection of paints and markers from our craft range to come up with their own Easter Egg designs.
  6. DIY Foam Easter bunny. If you want the ease of a DIY kit so it has everything your kid needs to create, why not grab our Foam Easter Bunny kit that’ll get them going for their Easter crafts. We do recommend getting more foam and felt though because once they start creating, they won’t want to stop!

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