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Fashion Fails

1. I wanted to gain weight at age 15 so I could fit into my cool sister’s clothes. She weighted 120 pounds and I was like 80 pounds. I asked her for her clothes when she didn’t want it them anymore. The only thing that ever fit me was her vest, everything else was safety pinned because they were too big on me.

2. Once I found the cutest black pointy flats. The back heel part was so rough that after a few steps my skin didn’t even blister it went straight to bleeding. Still I didn’t have the heart to toss them so I wore them to one of my job trainings. I brought band aids just in case I bled. That day turned into a nightmare because they gave us a tour around the whole building. I was dead when we came back to our seats. My heels were bleeding so bad that the band aids I had weren’t easing the pain. I didn’t want to move to take my lunch break.

3. I went to a church revival once and no one told me what the dress code was. My friend and I wanted to look as fancy as we could so we dressed as if we were going to a ball dance. So many people gave us the “huh” look.

4. I wore a pair of shorts that was a decent length but it was very loose. I got up from the couch and the shorts rolled all the way up to my butt. My sister in law and our friend definitely saw a half moon that night.

5. When I started wearing bras, my mom would be the one to purchase them. I bought my own when I started working. I asked my sister to shop with me and I asked her if that’s how a bra should look on me. She said yes only because she felt that I need a confidence boost. When I wore it to a girls day hang out, all the girls stared at me and one of the girls pointed out that my chest was growing. Of course, I learned later that bras are not meant to cup over your entire breast.


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