Staying Occupied: Drawing a Day — Sprouting Balance

Note: This series was created due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the requirement to practice social distancing and stay home as much as possible. I hope that despite all the closures and the crazy grocery store lines, you can still find opportunities to stay calm, enjoy the extra time with your loved ones, organize the areas that need to be addressed, and find something (book, movie, craft) to bring you enthusiasm. Choose to be as balanced as possible and stay healthy.

My Lil Sprout loves to draw … LOVES. It was so bad that I had to purchase several large Dollarama drawing books and smaller DeSerres drawing books for going out. Her current kick is cartooning and anime. I felt that a drawing a day would be right up her alley and thought she would more likely stick to it if she made the list. Aside from the last entry, it is all Living Room themed.

Drawing a Day – March 21 to March 31

  • Saturday 21 – Chair/Sofa
  • Sunday 22 – Table
  • Monday 23 – Computer
  • Tuesday 24 – Pillow
  • Wednesday 25 – T.V.
  • Thursday 26 – Decorator Item
  • Friday 27 – Painting
  • Saturday 28 – The View
  • Sunday 29 – Telephone
  • Monday 30 – Light
  • Tuesday 31 – Breakfast

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