TheDadLab with Sergei Urban — KidsLab

Sergei is a stay-at-home father who started TheDadLab as a way to inspire fun activities others can do from home while educating their children and spending more quality time with them. Originally a website and blog, Sergei now expanded also to Youtube or Instagram – on both platforms he has nearly 1 Mio subscribers! Other ways to follow are via Twitter or his Facebook page, choose what social media works for you – see the links in the shownotes below!

Sergei also published a book with these activities and experiments, which includes 50 science projects. It already got translated to 7 languages and even more languages are coming soon.

All of his ideas are inspired by his sons and he’s mainly using objects and tools that he’s finding around his house. Originally from Latvia, Sergei now lives in London with his wife and two sons. He has a masters in economics and runs TheDadLab full-time.


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