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Spring is inching closer (or maybe that’s just wishful thinking) and with it is coming all the pretty flowers, brighter pastel colors, and sunshine (right?).

Most people are on the same boat when it comes to spring decor. Color. We go through all those dreary, gray winter months and crave color on the other side of it.

We crave the life that comes with the blooming flowers and trees. We want the freshness that comes with those pretty pastels.

So when it comes to your decor… what colors should you choose? If you’re looking to switch it up this season, look no further than these 4 fresh color schemes for spring that I’m loving!

But first… set some goals!


Spring is an important season. It’s full of new life and the promise that warmer weather will soon be on the way.

With that promise, in the warmer months, I still like my home to feel cozy, but I really crave a lighter feeling too.

This is the time of year where I replace my chunky knit blankets with lighter, brighter ones.

I tone down the number of pillows I have all over the house.

And I peel back some of the layers I begin adding in the fall to create a little more space.

I also like to keep things simple. My focus in the spring becomes adding some pops of soft color and flowers.

I have a slight obsession with flowers, and I won’t apologize for it! The life they add to a space gives me life! So this season will be no different.

I also usually stay in a similar pink and green theme of some variety. Again, flowers. But this year, I’m changing the tones just a touch!

But I do like to say within the colors I normally choose for my home so I can reuse and reduce what I have to purchase for the season ahead.

Instead of purchasing something new, I simply repurpose something I already have in a new space. Then it immediately feels new again!

But before we get too far down the spring decor rabit hole, let’s focus back in on 4 spring color palettes that will add so much freshness and life to your home this season!


When choosing colors to add to my home, I always choose one main color and one main supporting color. I then choose some grounding colors (like neutrals, whites, creams, etc.) and decide if I want to have any other secondary supporting colors.

For these color schemes, I’ll highlight the main color and supporting colors that I picture, but know you can choose to highlight any of the colors as you see fit! There are no rules — you do you!

I also recommend a grounding palette of neutrals and textures to help these colors find the proper place in your decor!


Meanwhile back at I love a good pink and green combo! I love this sage-like green with these pretty bright blushes! This is the perfect floral color palette if you ask me, and it’s the color palette I’m going with this spring!

My inspiration came from this beautiful green paint from Magnolia called Gatherings. I’ve since painted multiple pieces of furniture in my home this color and love how it’s looking so far!

The sage-y green will be my main color this season with pops of my secondary color, dusty rose.

Then I’ll be adding in lots of neutrals to help balance them out!


Does this color palette scream farmhouse spring or what? I Just picture lemons coupled with vintage neutrals and farmhouse greenery. A little muted, but a lot of oomph.

This almost vintage lemonade color palette makes me feel warm while also feeling fresh, clean, and cheerful at the same time.

Coupled with these warm grays, these greens will help pull in a springy neutral vibe as the primary colors with pops of this muted yellow as the main secondary.

Can you just see it now? I sure can.


I have to admit, I’m not an orange fan. I don’t know why, but I’ve never been in love with the color.

But for whatever reason, this pretty springy, vintage color palette stopped me in my tracks!

This sage-y green with this vintage tangerine and almost creamsicle color were just too reminiscent of an old fashioned spring.

This might just remind me of my grandmother’s house, with those older greens and oranges. But whatever it is, I like it!

Craving a vintage spring decor theme? Pull in these greens as your primary colors and focus on balancing pops of this tangerine color with the softer creamsicle color as your secondary colors.

This beautiful color scheme is sure to give you all the feels!


Saving what might be the best for last! Does this cotton breeze color palette not scream fresh and clean to you? I love the natural, soft blues and greens here.

The pastels really remind me of spring, and I’m immediately calmed through this palette of cool colors.

I would use the softer colors as my primary colors with pops of that darker green as the secondary, but honestly, whatever combination of these you choose would be perfection.

They all play together well, so you can’t go wrong!


I hope these 4 color schemes gave you some inspiration to start thinking about your spring decor! But the most important point I want to make sure to hammer in is to always decorate with intention!

Be sure you choose colors that fit YOU and your home. That support your own goals for your home. That you love back.

Don’t simply choose your decor style because it’s ‘on trend’ or someone else is doing it. Unless you love it, that is, then go crazy!

But be sure you’re decorating your home for you and are being intentional about each piece you place in your home. Each color you use. And each display you create. Make sure it serves you in some way and doesn’t simply create clutter, which can quickly overwhelm your senses and create negative emotions.

When you give to your home intentionally, take care of it, and design it in a way that feeds your soul, you create a space that can really give back to you. One that can not only keep you feeling secure and safe for the spring and summer seasons, but one that can truly revitalize you and re-energize you in ways you never before realized!

So what colors are you choosing to decorate with this season? Share them with me in the comments or get in touch with me if you have design questions you want answered!


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