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For years I have talked about Home being the most important place to me.  It’s my sanctuary, my comfort, my creative space, my favorite place to be.  I work hard to make it perfect for my family. And now more than ever, it is our center.  I wrote about it in Mind, Body and Home months ago.  The Home is somewhat of a being and we need to treat it as such.  Most of us will be spending a lot of time in our homes in the near future. Some of us already are. With this COVID-19 Coronavirus affecting the world, our homes have become increasingly more important.

Most of us haven’t spent 90% of our week in our homes. We aren’t used to being isolated from society and while there is a ton of anxiety and some panic happening right now, it’s important for us to be prepared without causing more harm.  Your home is about to be your everything, if it isn’t already.  You should have a plan to get through your day each day. Use this time as an opportunity to love a little more on your family and your home. Set up some home projects, art projects, self care activities, etc. Spend time in different rooms in your home doing different things. Build forts, watch movies, sip tea on the porch, ride bikes, walk your dog, draw with chalk on your driveway. Take long baths, meditate, read, write, workout.  Rearrange your furniture, rearrange your cupboards, organize your whole life.

We need to be as positive as possible in an uncomfortable time. I think we should be listening to the instruction from health officials and staying home as much as possible. And while we are home bound, make the best of it. Let’s do what we can to help get us to the other side as quickly and safely as possible.  And think of it this way… When it’s all said and done your home will be in great condition and you will appreciate it more than ever before.

Your Home has always been the most important place for you and your family but you may not have recognized that until now.  But now that you do, there are so many great things you can do to better it while you are spending more time in it for a bit.  Here is a list of some of my favorite things to do for my home and some activities to participate in while inside it for an extended period of time.

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