NITRO R Signs With Dogface Records — Pampas Corporation

NITRO R signed with Maryland based record label Dogface Records, becoming the newest artist to join the “Dog Pound”. Their plan is to start recording in studio the second half of the year. The single “Nitro V2” is being previewed on NITRO R’s website:

DogFace Records a/k/a The Artist’s Label is also home of Dockko and black dawn, two must-listen artist and band respectively. The record label is pursuing unique sounds and this last addition to the team certainly keeps them on good track.

What about some good Latin music for this long weekend?! You’re going to love this artist. We just finished his website solution and it does come with a sneak peek of his single. NITRO R will be going into studio this second half of 2020 to record his album, so more to come about its…

Welcome to the Family NITRO R! — Pampas Corporation