“Progressive Classical Music”, that’s how brān ‘damij calls the genre they’ve been exploring with their last releases. They tapped into the idea when they released Potpourri #2, featuring legendary keyboardist Derek Sherinian. Then came “Don’t Cry For Me Ukraine”, a song dedicated to the people of Ukraine, where drums andContinue Reading

Wine drinking and viticulture are as synonymous with Argentina as Lionel Messi, tango dancing, and huge slabs of tender grilled steak. In fact, there’s few things Argentines enjoy more than engaging in animated conversations while sharing a bottle of full-bodied Malbec or aromatic Torrontés. The nation’s winemaking roots can beContinue Reading

We love building website and social media solutions for musicians! Mostly because you can work for them while listening to their music. There’s something unique about the creative process being linked to music, specially if that music is your client’s. Imagine having their songs as your “Client’s Briefing”. Being immersedContinue Reading