We just finished reading the Washington Post piece “Overwhelmed by demand, emergency disaster lending program for small businesses slashes its loan cap, people familiar with matter say”. We included a link to their article at the end for extended reading. Let’s put things in perspective. In the US, any businessContinue Reading

Argentina is famous for many things. Think natural sights like the Andes and Iguazú Falls, or the cultural obsession with football and tango. But you may not know that Argentina also boasts a striking architectural landscape influenced by the traditions of indigenous groups and European settlers. Here are some unusualContinue Reading

Dancing video games are the best way to burn kilojoules while in quarantine  Other options include repairing parts of your home and playing Wii Fit Meditating came in last place burning just 138kJs a session overall  Millions of Australians are currently in lockdown, with many of them having to forfeitContinue Reading